Ganconer is the night barkeep for the Halflives at The Bridge House Pub and stands in for the daytime Pub Landlord.
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He appears to be a tall furry sort of monster, sporting a straw hat, and one arm which he always holds his pipe in. When talked to, Ganconer can be used for viewing and accepting Quests.


  • In Irish lore, a Ganconer (aka Gean-canach, "love talker") is "another diminutive being of the same tribe as the Lepracaun, but, unlike him, he personated love and idleness, and always appeared with a dudeen in his jaw in lonesome valleys, and it was his custom to make love to shepherdesses and milkmaids. It was considered very unlucky to meet him, and whoever was known to have ruined his fortune by devotion to the fair sex was said to have met a gean-cānach. The dudeen, or ancient Irish tobacco pipe, found in our raths, etc., is still popularly called a gean-cānach's pipe."[1]